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Importing from the BlestaCMS CE

So you've been using the BlestaCMS Community Edition and would like to convert to the premium version again called BlestaCMS Pro.

Awesome! It's pretty easy to do this. All you need is the BlestaCMS Importer tool.

Download it from here.

Upload the CMS Importer zip to the plugins folder on Blesta. Example: /var/www/html/plugins/ or /home/yourusername/domains/

Then unzip it so it creates the cms_importer plugin folder.

Ensure you have both the cmspro and the cms importer plugins installed.

You can then go to your blesta admin area (hopefully not "admin") and go to Tools > CMS Importer.

Finally import the tables you wish to migrate over.

PS: blestacms_licensing won't be able to imported over as the Community Edition doesn't have licensing now.